Beckett: So, basically we’re looking for someone who won’t intimidate them. An adult presence, in the classroom that eight year olds will view as a peer, someone they can consider one of their own?

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In my experience, it’s the most difficult children who prove most rewarding. Isn’t that right Mr. Castle?

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KB: You’re seriously milking this whole “I’ve been missing for two months” thing, aren’t you?

RC: They are glad to have me back and if fussing over me makes them happy, enjoy it.

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oh my god

21th century art

how do you even pronounce 21th


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The reasons to love Prince Harry are endless

I fell in love with him when I was probably 10ish and reading a J14 magazine and there was a photo of him with a porcupine and I was like wow that is an adorable ginger prince just

that is an echidna my friend

No that’s the Prince of England

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It was like that cue ball was possessed or something.

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"Please, not the Creever mask"

— all Castle fans at one point in the ep tbh