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Karen’s ALS ice bucket challenge | Donate!

Karen Gillan Meme: [2/? Outfits] July 20, 2013 | SDCC

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We just wanted to remind you that the Doctor Who Series 7 premiere date has not been announced yet and that any date you see floating around the internet is probably dangerous because dates don’t float. It’s totally unnatural for them to do that. So avoid them. Or cover your mouths when they float by.

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Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock:Travelling from our star to our next-door-neighbour star, proxima centauri, travelling at ten and a half miles a second, will take seventy-six thousand years! So even if there is life out there, the problem is getting out there.

Karen:Yeah, which is why I wish the TARDIS was real.

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Obligatory Matt&Arthur reactions:

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