This past week was interesting…


So this might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

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John Barrowman at his best!!

this panel is hilarious !


OMG fanboy fantastic.. Fanfiction away everyone [x]

Oh Captains my captains.

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John Barrowman was up for the role of Will in Will & Grace but didn’t get it because he was “too straight” and the role went to Eric McCormack. Barrowman actually is gay, while McCormack is straight

Source: IMDb

In what universe is John Barrowman too straight for anything ever?

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This is from our photo op with John Barrowman at Fan Expo on Saturday :’)

Basically, Danielle and Rebecca wanted him to do this pose whilst we all stood around him:

butt with John being John, he said “alright, but if I’m doing this pose you’re grabbing my ass” and thus this photo was born.

He also paused for a moment and went “If you’re gonna grab it, grab it.” so we got a good ol’ handful of that booty.

And afterwards he told us someone’s hand was going up his crack, and told my friend Stephen to sniff his fingers because, and I quote, “it smells like lemon drops”.

John Barrowman = greatest guy ever

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JOHN BARROWMAN: I love the fact that you guys got [together] in the season finale [of Castle] last year. I have to say because my mom and dad are huge fans.
NATHAN FILLION: We’re big with moms.
JOHN BARROWMAN: Oh, yeah, but my mother - they always DVR it and when I go to the house every night we sit down and it’s “lets watch and episode of Castle.” So, I’ve kinda fallen for you too. (x)

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