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Hahaha oh Laurence…



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when asked about their involvement in the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary

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Our Boys - Press Night (Oct 3 2012)

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He called me and said ‘What am I going to do?’ Your life completely changes as it’s such a huge show, just about the biggest show on TV. I had no idea what I was getting into. It’s frightening being in that kind of production and having people suddenly know everything about you. He’s just about to embark on that. But I’m a big fan of Matt. He’s a stirring actor and has the right energy for the part of the Doctor. The role is in good hands.”

JEREMY CLARKSON: I understand that you’ve been.. how can I put this.. whinging.. about when Billie Piper came here. About her lap. And how you think she may have cut the corner a little bit. 

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#i swear this is just Billie and David getting carried away

Twenty bucks the director yelled cut by the second gif. 

Ok, I mean, just pause and fucking look at this. First gif. Right, normal kiss. Second gif, look at the way he grabs her and pulls her against him. No, that is not a TV kiss. That’s WAY fucking more. His arms are completely wrapped around her to the point where he is nearly touching his own torso again. He is holding her as close as he possibly can. Ok, third gif and fourth gif. What can I say. That is NOT TV kissing. They are making out right there. I mean, there’s a camera not a foot from their heads and they CONTINUE to kiss like there is literally no tomorrow. You can see her start to let go in the fourth gif, probably ending the scene. LOL NO. Fifth gif, you can see she’s about to pull away, but NO. Her arms go back around him and MORE FUCKING KISSING. 

Can these two just get married like for real. There was OBVIOUSLY something going on.

#How hard do you figure it is to keep your tongue in your mouth? #When you’re kissing like this #And you’re trying to be professional because this is your job #and you know they’re going to call ”CUT” if you do let it slip #But you WANT to because oh god #Oh god you want to so much you can taste it #but you’re a professional #and it doesn’t matter how tightly the other person clings to you or the fact that you’ve missed the way they feel pressed against you #you’re a professional #And the director only has to call CUT three times because of the tongue thing #But afterward in your trailer she’s grinning and poking her tongue out and calling CUT every time you pull off a piece of her clothing (via gallifreyburning)







#For instance: odds that Billie gave him this shirt #(around the same time as the ”Trust me I’m a Doctor” shirt) #Pretty good odds I’d bet #Except for the fact that it’s A&F and we know how much David likes to shop at A&F #but maybe it was a time she went shopping with him to try to help him out with his sense of style #and he ended up dragging her into A&F even though she swore she wouldn’t step foot inside #And Billie was like ”Well Tennant if you’re going to look ridiculous wearing these clothes you might as well go all-out #Moose shirt - PERFECT.” And she grinned #daring him #So of course he bought the shirt #and wore it to read-throughs and charity events and got photographed in it as often as possible #And once Billie even put it on in the morning when she got out of bed #long bare legs sticking out and steaming cup of coffee in her hands. #And so when he showed up to the taping of the commentary in this shirt she shoved his arm and told him he was a sentimental sod #and then she buried her face in his chest and he could’ve sworn he felt tears right there on the faded printed moose #but when she pulled away she turned her head and picked up the headphones and said #”You look ridiculous” (via gallifreyburning) 

you know what should be illegal though?



reuniting david tennant and billie piper so you get good ratings

and never having them on screen together

#remember when Billie went to the MAAN event and we didn’t get ANY pictures of them? #NOT ONE BLURRY PIXELATED PICTURE?

#I think they’re contractually forced to not appear in photos together #because the fans would explode

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